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Regenerative Dental Procedures Blacktown

Meet Our DentistsIt isn’t uncommon for those affected by periodontal issues to also experience concerns with their surrounding structures, such as the jaw, bones, and other soft tissues. At Blacktown Specialist Dental Care, our experienced team of oral health care professionals provide an array of comprehensive services to help you overcome these problems.

Our regenerative surgical procedures include guided tissue regeneration, socket preservation, ridge augmentation and sinus augmentation. We place utmost importance on the comfort of our patients, which is why we utilise pain management techniques for all of our procedures, including local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation where necessary.

Periodontal Regeneration

When a patient is experiencing periodontal disease, it can also destroy the bone and periodontal ligament that support the teeth. If left untreated, this condition leads to tooth loss, greatly affecting both a patient’s smile and oral health. Periodontal regeneration is possible in selected cases to promote growth of the bone and ligament that has been lost.

To begin the procedure, our Periodontist will perform a thorough debridement of the affected site, followed by placement of bone grafting materials and/or bioactive modifiers into the defect.

Socket Preservation

Socket prevention is a beneficial procedure for those experiencing excessive bone resorption after a tooth has been removed. This resorption can comprise implant treatments and also negatively impact gingival contours.  Socket preservation involves an extraction with minimal trauma, followed by debridement of the socket, grafting materials placed in the socket and a soft tissue graft or barrier membrane left to protect the site.

Ridge Augmentation

When a patient experiences dental trauma or a lost tooth, their alveolar (jaw) bone shrinks, leading to defects and bone loss.

Guided bone reaeration involves the placement of bone graft material, before covering the site with a protective barrier membrane.

Sinus Augmentation

Everyone contains maxillary sinuses, which are cavities filled with air that lie by the maxillary posterior teeth in the upper back region of the mouth. When tooth loss is experienced, pneumatisation of the maxillary sinuses can occur leading to reduction in the residual bone height.

Sinus augmentation (also known as a sinus lift), elevates the sinus floor, creating space for implants and graft materials. At Blacktown Specialist Dental Care, we use two techniques to perform sinus augmentation: internal (osteotome) and external (lateral window).

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