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Periodontal Treatment Blacktown

For those suffering from periodontal disease, at Blacktown Specialist Dental Care, we specialise in this specific facet of dentistry and are able to provide patients with the solutions they need. Just two of these high-quality procedures include periodontal debridement and periodontal supportive therapy.

Periodontal Debridement

Periodontal debridement (also known as scaling and root debridement) treats periodontal infection, as well as the accompanying halitosis by reducing harmful bacteria present. This procedure involves specific areas being thoroughly cleaned, including the surface of the tooth above the gum, the root surface below the gum and within the periodontal pockets. Our professional team use specialised instruments, helping the gums to heal and reattach to the tooth’s surface. Once treatment has finished, patients can expect smaller periodontal pockets, firm and healthy gums and fresh breath.

We also ensure that our patients have a positive experience during their procedure by utilising effective pain management strategies, including local anaesthesia.

Periodontal Maintenance Program

Just like any other chronic disease, periodontal disease requires regular monitoring to ensure re-infection is prevented and disease progression is immediately detected. This is why we offer periodontal support therapy, including a periodontal maintenance program that is personally-tailored to each patient. This treatment will involve an updating of medical or dental history, an examination of the current oral conditions, cleaning and polishing of the mouth and teeth and reinforcement of oral hygiene.

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Dr Tang has over a decade of experience as a Periodontist after graduating from the University of Adelaide with a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Periodontology in 2008. To schedule a consultation with our experienced Periodontist, please call (02) 8678 2652 today.


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