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Paediatric Dentistry in Blacktown

Your Professional Paediatric Dentist

At Blacktown Specialist Dental Care, we also offer paediatric dentistry. Our board registered specialist paediatric dentists have an extensive range of expertise and provide exceptional  comprehensive oral health care for children from infants  to adolescents.

As a child commences their oral health journey, it is important to address any concerns promptly, before they turn into more painful and complex problems.

Our compassionate and professional team place utmost importance on ensuring every child has a comfortable and positive experience within our care, thus creating the foundation for excellent oral health.

How Can Our Paediatric Dentist Help Your Child?

Little girl holding dental x-ray

Our experienced paediatric dentist employ current philosophies and paradigms in:

  • Providing comprehensive dental treatment, including oral examinations and risk assessments
  • Treating early childhood caries and extensive decay
  • Managing dental anomalies and pathologies some of which may need interdisciplinary care 
  • Assisting children with complex medical needs, behavioural and developmental issues
  • Managing dental trauma and minor paediatric oral surgical procedures 
  • Providing care for children under nitrous oxide (“happy gas”) and general anaesthesia

Schedule a Consultation for Your Child Today

If your child requires specialist dental care, please schedule their consultation by calling (02) 8678 2652 today.


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