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Oral Surgery Blacktown

Cosmetic and Corrective Surgical Procedures

At Blacktown Specialist Dental Care, we provide gentle treatments combined with modern technology to assist patients experiencing periodontal issues. Our high-quality cosmetic and corrective surgical procedures include surgical periodontal therapy, crown lengthening, gingival grafting, surgical tooth exposure and fraenectomy.

Surgical Periodontal Therapy

In some cases, a patient may still experience infection and deep pockets after conventional periodontal therapy. This is where our advanced surgical periodontal therapy can be beneficial, as it allows patients to regain healthy gums once again. The deep pockets caused by periodontal disease can present a number of concerns, including overlying gums that restrict the ability to clean with a toothbrush at home. Additionally, this can limit the success of scaling and root debridement.

Surgical periodontal therapy sees the root surface and underlying bone accessed by a retraction of gum tissue. This allows our Periodontist to inspect the infected tissue, before performing a thorough clean on the site to completely remove infection. This also reduces the depth of the pocket and improves tissue contours around the tooth. The procedure finishes with the gums being closed and secured with sutures. During this time, the patient is placed under local anaesthesia to maintain their comfort, however sedation is also available if required.

Crown Lengthening

Our professional team also perform crown lengthening (sometimes referred to as a gum lift) to improve both the function and structure of a tooth. Patients experiencing issues such as short teeth, gummy smiles, tooth fractures, uneven gum contours, subgingival caries or subgingival restoration are perfect candidates for this type of treatment.

The crown lengthening procedure involves recontouring the alveolar bone and readapting the gingival tissue into its proper position, producing a balanced, symmetrical and functional gum line. This procedure is also performed with the patient under local anaesthesia, with sedation available if preferred.

Gingival Grafting

The gums serve to protect the delicate surface of the tooth root, but when gingival recession or shrinking of the gums occur, the tooth becomes prone to decay and increased sensitivity. A patient may experience gum shrinking due to ageing, periodontal disease, aggressive tooth brushing, misaligned teeth or trauma, however thankfully this can sometimes be reversed with gum grafting.

Surgical Tooth Exposure

In some cases, a patient may have an adult tooth that is unerupted, therefore requiring exposure prior to receiving orthodontic treatment.

Our oral health care professionals perform a minor procedure to expose the unerupted tooth, helping to move it into its proper position. Local anaesthesia is often used, however sedation is also available for those who require it.


A fraenectomy is used to release the frenulum while the patient is under local anaesthesia or sedation. This procedure serves to prevent the problems associated with an abnormally positioned frenulum, including gingival recession, diastema formation, limited tongue movements, increased plaque accumulation and interference with oral hygiene routines.

Want to Learn More?

If you wish to discuss any of these treatments further with our team, or to book a consultation with Dr Tang, please contact Blacktown Specialist Dental Care today.


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